We look for love in all the wrong places sometimes. Waiting for the ONE (if he exists) leaves us wanting. This poem is a story of such a young woman who got tired of waiting and instead started searching.

will i find him?

or will he find me?

should i search for him?

or should i…..

you know help him a bit,

keep waving the red flag for attention,

or will he read it as

“stop danger ahead!”,

should i make the first move

or should i just sit pretty and hope,

how will i know?

if he notices me?

when even my best dress,

that elicited whistles,

doesn’t cause him to tremble,

how will i know,

if i can be more to him than a sister,

by being his helper,

should i hope and pray or

make my clothes shorter and tighter.

will i find him?


are you the hunter or the hunted?

is this a sport or a game?

its been said don’t hate the player,

hate the game.

who wins at the end?

if your defense outweighs your strikes,

you are  striking out

you failed!!!!!

what if he finds you ?

hunts you down eats you up

game over!!!!

the vultures can have her now,

the thrill of the chase,

the adrenaline of the chased,

soon runs out after the hunt,

if not yet broken or dead

both are restless soon they’ l want to run again

so who will  win?

what if you lose?

will he find you?

or will you just roll the dice,


after all you are good at monopoly,

will you be able to run fast enough,

in the morning,

turn the walk of shame  into a marathon?

will i find him?


should you even search for him?

goggled it,

you got plenty of suggestions,

none of them quite answered your question.

will he find me or should i wave a red flag,


he already found you.

me ?


why dint he wink at me?

compliment me on my looks,

and how good i can cook,

interesting he has been here all along,

you were too busy chasing,

running after imitations of Him,

they couldn’t really match Him,

so you tried a different sport,


from one bed to another,

Google dint give you the answer

so you tried Bing

yahoo and Wikipedia

he was there all along.

he found you.

Left the 99,

swept the whole house,

and will throw you a party

when you come home,

when you find him,

you will realize,



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