Hope is gifted

I love reality shows more especially those that have a bunch of contestants out to win something. However the more I watch these shows, the more I realize how deeply in need of Jesus  we are. I have seen so many contestants trying out for these shows and whatever their talent is is what clearly defines them, this breaks my heart!!!!! It makes me come to the realization that there is very little meaning in peoples lives these days, we lack Jesus in our society so we try to fill in that gap by being good dancers, singers, actors, trying to look like what we see on magazines. There is nothing wrong with being any of that however we should not let these stuff define us. When we  do our lives become empty because only Jesus can satisfy us fully.The enemy the devil is out to capitalize on this so lets watch out. I pray for hope in a fallen world, lets refocus on the only one who can give us true hope- Christ. 


Everything that Christ gave for free they sell it,
all that should be consecrated for Christ is diluted,
no longer is it concentrated,
the truth is too conc to swallow,
the very foundation of our being is shaken,
no evidence that it was once made of concrete,
idols made of flesh and blood,
but lacking in life and power,
we sell what we never owned,
walk around with bought esteem and plastic smiles,
we look down upon everyone we are afraid of being,
self image is really just self imagined,
wars planted in our hearts by the enemy,
weeds  keen on suffocating the word,
everything that Christ died for,
a fake look alike is sold at a price,
no more than death disguised as life,
hope can now be found in fame and money,
recognition and applause,
the word love is tossed around,
but tell me,
if what we call love is love why does it end?
why is it self seeking,
why does it fail?
why does it disappoint?

saviours now found in music,
completion found in sex partners.
on the cross Christ said it is finished.
in other words it is completed.
it was bloody,
it was painful,
it hurt, but that was the price he paid,
His very own life for ours. he remains as the
only saviour the ultimate completer the finisher,
but we trade that for stuff that never quite lasts

hope in a world full hopeless hope,
we call them stars yet they cast shadows,
eclipsed like a lunar still they flaunt their mullah,
we look up to each other for what we can not give,
we never owned it, we can not therefore truly offer it or afford it,
yet the economy of falsehood is booming,
never has it seen a depression but its partakers are in the verge of
chronic depression,
we buy and sell false self affirmation in exchange for dying hope,
hopeless hope, powerless power,
secrets yet untold but repeated daily,
received wit disapproval.
lies are more appealing than the truth,
the fake looks better than what is real,
since it glitters we confuse it for gold,
so even though the truth is gifted,
we refuse to receive it,
we scorn the freely given pure and buy the fake,
flaunt it with a grin,
harassed but unknowing,
believers of myths but unbelievers of truth,
half dressed but fully clothed in shame,
knowledgeable but not wise,
darkened stars,
half cast shadows,

how can we give something we do not own,
lend something that’s loaned,
receive something we never believed?

the price was paid for the light,
the living star is shining ever so bright,
but some eyes are blinded,
seeing but not seeing Him,
hearing but not listening,
we can never buy this gift,
truth is no one can afford it,,
it happened once never twice,
once received we become wise ,
we cant buy that has already been given to us as a gift,
it wasn’t free it was bought at a fee,
not the usual way as in a shopping spree,
it was by a  death so dreadful it happened on a tree.
Gods own Son, crucified and hang there,
so that He could set you and me free,
please open your eyes so that you can see,
how love, and hope flow from Thee,
without which we are as good as dead if not already,
immersed in His blood,
the gift was sealed by the nails,
the ribbons was a crown of thorns,
delivered by His death,
but once unpacked……
there is resurrection,
instead of stench there’s a fragrance of love and life,
after the pain and the death only the scars remain,
a reminder of the price that was paid,
open your gift,
receive life,
love and hope.
salvation and self worth,
what no one else can afford to offer,
receive this free but costly gift,
Receive Hope.


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