If I was asked to give synonyms to the word Emily I would say leader, ambitious, hardworking, successful, and kind, generous, smart!!!! However, Emily is not just a word she is a person, she is a girl (woman), niece, daughter, colleague, friend and mentor.  Knowing her makes me want to add other descriptive to her name…. I would say the name Emily means BEAUTIFUL!!!! From the inside flowing out and around it’s a 3 dimensional kind of beauty.

I really couldn’t figure out the original meaning of the name Emily so I looked it up on the internet conferring  to the name according to the French, Germans and Americans means : hardworking. The Teutonic meaning which I much prefer, says the name means Industrious!!!! I saw that and I was convinced these guys have met the Emily I am referring to in this note. She is exactly that…industrious, hardworking. As I type out all these definitions the words Proverbs 31 keep ringing in my head. I will get back to that in a short while.

The website went on further to describe the character of those with this name; they are focused, have ability to implement ideas, tend to be leaders. If you know Em I’m sure you are nodding your head to this. I agreed with the post for most part until it said that they (Emily’s) tend to be impatient, proud, stubborn…are you shaking your head in disagreement as I did when I read that? Of course you are, because that is not Emily, she is not proud, argumentative, impatient all these kinda reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13:4-10. In case you have never met Emily and you are reading this for the first time she is an actual human being, she does sound super human though… I agree. Again I will get back to you on that one.

Today is Emily birthday; this is the first time since I met her I have remembered or even known what day her birthday fell on.  And I have never heard her complain or mention it or rub it in when I forgot. That is the kind of person she is, always giving without demanding anything in return. I can’t count the number of times she has gone out of her way to listen to me talk, vent or given me career advice. Her consistent prayers for me have been answered. She has gone out of her to show others love I am sure many people can call her friend. How do you do it Em? I can’t describe her any less than an over achiever (in the kindest form of that word). Everything she sets out to achieve she attains. She has been a mentor to me and many others. Again I say for some of you who haven’t met her …..Yes Emily is human and she is not turning 50 or 100 even though she is wiser than others her age. She is not even 30…she is 20 something going on 70 in wisdom, counsel and patience.

Today on her birthday I celebrate Emily who has given selflessly, loved unreservedly and prayed consistently. She represents the big sister I never had, a woman immersed in the word of God that’s where all her super powers come from J She is the woman described in proverbs 31, Christ like.  And is kind, loving, patient all those descriptions given in 1cr 13 of love she has. There is so much I could say about Emily, but I will stop there for now. In case you are wondering, Yes Emily is human.


For those with a sense of humour ; *name has been changed to protect identity.


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