Who is fitting for a princess

This is an old piece i wrote back in 2011, but its words have been timeless to me. I hope these same words speak to you to in whichever meaning they take, be encouraged. All women are precious, don’t settle for less. You are a princess!

who would be fitting for a princess,
daughter of the ultimate king?
would a royal be betrothed to a noble,
or just anyone who presents a ring?
what would be equal to her beauty?
flowers, money or an exotic getaway?
what would all that be worth if it made her value sway?
How would you crown this royal?
who will take up the task? does anyone qualify?
who is willing to complete the authenticity test?
to discover that she is the real deal, even after the stroke midnight?
you wont need a glass sandal to find her,
but by her love for her master you will recognize her.
only a royal is suitable for this beautiful princess,
anyone else would be regrettable,
he’d have to be more than financially stable,
but humble like the wise men,
who served a new-born king in a distant stable,
He would have to love her less than he loves his master,
be willing to leave her if she replaces her fathers crown with the promise of a wedding ring.
who would be fitting for a princess,
already in love with her King?
who loves in truth of the words meaning?
where will she find such love of a father, friend and master?
who will be fitting for this princess priceless possession of her King?

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