More on growing old:P

This growing old thing seems to be consistently on my mind lately. Maybe it’s because every time i log onto Facebook i see a birthday reminder. In case you read my post ‘ don’t ask me how old i am’, here is a disclaimer i am not as old as i made it sound I’m just not 15 anymore, I’m 18 with a few years’ experience. The only thing that makes me feel old is that there is a bunch of young people i hang out with (HSM) that are only 1 or 2 years younger than me, but feel go out of their way to make me feel so old! lol

Oh not only them!!! One of my friends is only 1 month 12 days (43 days sounded like a lot of days) younger than me and you should have heard her on my birthday calling me old. haha!!! Look at her now she has also just recently turned 20 sth. It’s exactly 45 days later and you are as old as i was 45 days ago. Snap!! I will always be 43 days older than she is. Positively thinking i will always be 43 days wiser. I really don’t care. But before i fully throw in the I don’t care card, there is a swahili saying which is used to refer to people who have lived longer..’ amekula chumvi nyingi’ . For those who want to stay young stay clear of salt which i should have been doing for the past 45 days. I’d be younger than you now girlie or have you quite eating salt too? 😦 in that case i have to try out a new strategy. For real i really don’t care. lol (secretly wishing she still uses more salt than I)

How bland would life be if I stopped using salt, considering the doctor has not required me to do so? My food would be tasteless by choice. How many of us have chosen to live tasteless by choice lives by constantly comparing ourselves to others and not appreciating the point of our lives at which we are? I won’t join that band wagon.

On another note it’s such a great thing to not look your age, not everyone possess this gift though. For those who look younger; they end up getting acting roles in a high school drama TV show and there begins their lifelong career of a student who never graduates high school. For those who have the gift of looking older; they act in the same show as the teacher. See it’s a win win.

How confusing is it though when you ask someone’s age and they look at you with a smile and ask, “how old do I look?” Isn’t that one of the hardest questions on earth? It’s only next to a kids “mom where do kids come from” and a ladies “do I look fat”. Here’s the thing about this question its unisex and grown up. You can get it from either men or women and you sure won’t catch an 11 year old asking that hard question. What are you supposed to say? If you guess too high an age you make your eager interviewee turned interviewer mad, and will get a, “kwani I look that old?” If you quote too low you get a,” kwani I look that young” and a smile. Both lose lose!!! Because how do you now you tell your interviewee turned interviewer that you were only trying to play safe, and they really do look  their actual age? Sigh!!

Lesson learnt: I won’t expect people to ask me how old I am in return I won’t ask people to guess my age.


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