A review of my 5 year plan

As I review the 5 year plan i drew years back, I am not where I dreamed I would be by now; heck I am not even close!

1.  I thought I would own a company and be a millionaire by now, but I am not. I don’t own the range rover sport I scribbled on my notebook those many years ago. But I am comfortable, I am not in lack; I eat, I can buy new clothes, go to the movies and I can give. More importantly I have realized that life is about more than making money and that there is a big difference between being rich and being wealthy both of which are insignificant if I am not content, because contentment and joy means so much more  than both.

2. At 21 I thought I would be married by now- but I am not. I am not dating either and I am happy, content. I enjoy being single a bit too much maybe. I hear that if I am not married by 30, worry will crowd my peace as my clock will start ticking louder- God forbid. Until then I will enjoy life and the things only a single girl in her mid-20’s can like go out on a Friday evening with her other single friends as we attempt to chop our money ( attempt because none of us is a millionaire- yet!), with no worries about what   our children will eat or our husbands will think. When the husband comes and the children beckon, I will embrace it. As for now I plan on enjoying this season of life no pity parties will be held or attended.

3. Lastly I dreamed that I would be an ideal me by now, the me all those motivational books I read recommend, recommendations which would have contributed to me  achieving goal 1 and 2. My character however is still very much in progress. But I am learning how to love. To love others like I love myself. The hardest lesson has to be the later, loving thyself. Because you can’t truly love others if you don’t love yourself and you can never fully love yourself if you haven’t encountered God, because God is love. Everything else labeled love outside of Him and without Him is simply an imitation of love.

I’m learning that love is kind. I remind myself that i need to speak kind words to myself even when i am tempted otherwise. That Love does not envy, envy for others only veils my eyes from my own success and achievements. I try my best to not negatively compare myself to others instead i count my successes and celebrate those of others.

I am learning to appreciate that i am blessed beyond measure. I have the best family I could ask for, the best friends ever and i enjoy my job. These are things i did not put down on paper as i outlined my 5 year plan. I thank God, because he looked past the horizontal lines and scribbled wants that were limited by human thinking and he added colour to my life. When God says that he knows the plan that he has for us Oh He knows!! I won’t trash my 5 year plan; in fact I will draw up another for the next 5 years. I will keep it, just so that I can be as amazed as I am now at how wholesomely things will turn out.  To be thankful because God does exceedingly more than all I could ever ask for or imagine.

New soundtrack of my life- collapsible lung by Relient K


2 thoughts on “A review of my 5 year plan”

  1. Nina, as one who has had the honour to share in your life in the last 5 years….
    one word sums my experience of you–Beauty!– Thanks for the post!–next 5 here we come! ❤

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