“Never dim anyone else’ light so that you can shine.”

I came across this quote on Facebook yesterday:

“Never dim anyone else’ light so that you can shine.”

Reading it took me back to a work retreat i attended last year, we were a team of 11. During one of the sessions , the facilitator handed out candles to us. She had us light them and gave us a simple goal, ‘to make sure that our candles didn’t burn out’.

2 seconds into getting the directives, we were all busy blowing each others candles.lol. No one wanted to see any other person candle lit!! It was such a sight. We were running around with candles in one hand and the other hand curved out round the candles flame to protect it from the rest of the team.

In less than one minute all the candles had been blown out, none of us had a flame going.

Yet each of us thought we had accomplished something by not having anyone else’s candle still burning even though our own had been put out. The facilitator told us that we had all failed at the task-shocker! and let us know that our goal was to keep our candles burning and not to ensure everyone else’s candle had been blown out. Simple!!

If we had listened, if we had known, If we were content with our own candles and confident in our own flames we wouldn’t have gotten busy blowing out each others candles in a record 60 seconds. Yet that is how we go through life, we think the only way we can succeed is by putting other people down or the only way we can win is by getting dirty and making sure our opponents are discredited. That is sad.

If we all minded our candles, we would all shine. Our candles would burn and all we would have to worry about is keeping our candles burning, that requires less energy than trying to blow out other peoples candles(dreams, businesses, relationships) while keeping ours aflame.


6 thoughts on ““Never dim anyone else’ light so that you can shine.””

  1. I like the conclusion – blowing out other people’s candles takes too much energy and time but does not benefit you in any way… Your best post so far!!!

  2. I like the conclusion too.
    I went through a similar experience. So after the tiresome blowing of other people’s candles, we had all lost!!
    Later, i realized it would have been easier to relax and help each other keep their candles lit.- that is LOVE.

  3. This is a beautifully written post. I like the brevity, the short story and the conclusion, we shouldn’t think that to get ahead we need to blow out other people’s candles. If anything, we should try to keep their candles burning as we look after our own candles; and by that we can keep rising ^_^
    Beautifully written.

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