A life well lived: A tribute to Shosho

We lost our Shosho (grandma) in September, below is the tribute read out for her during the burial its titled a life well lived

When my friend heard about Shoshos death she texted me saying, “Nina, pole about your grandma. I feel like it’s a celebration of life,” and I couldn’t agree with her more.

Last Christmas we were at shoshos as was the tradition every other year. Shosho always had us at her house and we would sing her happy birthday even though her actual birthday was in August. For the first time last year someone took a recording of it.  If we knew it would be the last time singing and counting all of shoshos 77 years, goodness me we would have sang a lot louder, more willingly and more melodiously. We were so sure we would be doing it again this year. When we gave a horrible performance Shosho made us sing again :-)!!

This year the PCEA church youth had a fundraiser Shosho gave about 30% of what was raised. I know not because she posted it on Facebook but because I am a youth member, otherwise I would never have known. She gave willingly to the church, to God. She didn’t just give away her money though, she gave it only for good cause, but she never hesitated to give to the church and never did I hear her mention it.

I know people here will miss having conversations with Shosho. She was such a story teller! Giving exact dates to events that occurred more than 40 years ago with exact time details. Her memory never failed her. A visit with Shosho would never last less than an hour and a phone conversation less than 5 minutes even though she was on prepaid. And just to mention it, you almost always had to pray with her before leaving her house. She would always pray with me and I think that is what I will miss most about her and her three Amens: Amen and Amen and Amen.

In fact when in hospital she told me she was praying for us her children so that we would not worry. At a place where you would think she would only be praying for herself she was praying for You. Not once did I hear her complain. She was still very hopeful and grateful and believed she would come back home. And she is home.

And as I talked to her Wednesday morning before her demise she told me “this is love,” she appreciated the visits, phone calls, texts and prayers. And she felt loved. When I told her we love you Shosho she said I love you too. And if she was here today am sure she would say “this is love”. That same love is what she has shared with us all through her life. She taught us how to pray, she disciplined us, and she encouraged us. She was more than a mother, grandma, auntie, sister, cousin and daughter, she was a friend; a very dear friend.

But this is not the end,
Shosho believed in Jesus Christ,
So she died long ago,
when she accepted Christ ,
it was a declaration that: She lived no more but The life she lived in the body she lived through Jesus Christ who loved her and gave his life for her.
So this is not death my dear,
This is a transition from mortality to immortality,
from death to life,
She still lives.So many of us will have questions though,
like who is left now?
Who will we call mum?
How will it be without Shosho?
Who will buy the church flowers?
Where shall we go for Christmas?
Who will pray for us?
Whom will we come home to?
Who do we have left?
But as Shosho would say: we serve a living God,He will take care of us and to quote part of her favorite verse God has a plan for you.
In the midst of it all we are thankful Shosho
Because you shared your life with us
You shared a legacy which we hope to follow
One of faith- your history can’t be read without mentioning Jesus,
One of love- you taught us how to live with one another and you shared your life with us
One of family- you brought us together in the best way you knew how.
Your memory and your legacy will always be etched in our minds and hearts,
so strong
so loving
so human yet repentant
so prayerful
We love you!!!!!

To those of us left behind,

Hush hush
Do not cry
Wipe your tears away
If any remain
Let them be those of joy
Because this is not a life cut short
This has been a life well lived.
Well shared, well-loved
and well saved In Jesus Christ.

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