Jesus can’t compete with santa Claus

It’s that time of the year again: When office parties get into high gear, holidays are planned, kids are on holiday, shopping malls are decorated and Santa Claus is advertised.  It’s at this time we spend all our money and a few days later make resolutions on how we will spend it more wisely in the coming year.  I like this holiday season/ Christmas period.

In the past few years Christmas has changed in Kenya a lot. We now have our very own Father Christmases in Malls!! yay? We also now say happy holidays as opposed to Merry Christmas, see first paragraph. Yesterday I was listening to the radio and one of the malls ads was using Santa Claus to attract customers to its malls. I was thinking of going, what a good reason to visit a mall: go tell Santa what kind of person I have been the whole year and hope to get a gift at the end. But as I type this I keep asking myself why do people have to sit on his lap???

Jesus and Santa Claus Royalty Free Stock Photo

Around Christmas time last year there was a lot of talk on how Santa is stealing Christmas  from Jesus time and I almost agreed but I realized that that is not possible. I do not believe that Santa/ Father Christmas has anything on Jesus. No way!!! Here is why, I have a long list of reasons but I will stick to 5:

  1. Jesus exists throughout the year not just around Christmas time.
  2. When he comes into our homes he knocks on our doors and it’s our choice on whether we get him in or not, he does not come in through chimneys. (And what happens to those of us whose houses have no chimneys, No gifts?)
  3. Jesus gives us gifts even when we do not deserve them, He works on grace. He blessed us even when we do not deserve it.
  4. Jesus does not keep grudges, a list of all the bad things we have done throughout the year. Whenever we repent He forgives and our sins he remembers no more.
  5. Jesus is God.

So fellow Christians do not fret, Santa can’t steal Christmas and he most certainly can’t compete with Jesus. But he surely can steal the show. Be challenged, what are you going to do about it?


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