Lord revive our souls.

We were young full of hope, the world was ours for the taking.

We believed it could be anything we would dream it would be.
So we trusted you for a little while, but after that you took second place.

We were young and full of hope, we met a few people we had dreamed about,
held them so closely we forgot who you were, consequently we lost our grip on you.

I guess that’s what happens, when you hold on to two different things which are worlds apart.

Now we are here and there is all this hurt,

We agree with the prodigal son pig food doesn’t taste so good,

remember when you said you would love us even when we fall apart?
Lord will you run to meet us when we come back home?

Now we are here Lord revive our souls.
We are young with old dreams and lost hope.
Dear Lord will you please revive our souls?


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