Thoughts on Size 8 and her song Mateke

When size 8 accepted Christ and went public about her new found faith I heard comments like ‘hatakaa sana kabla she backslides’ and ‘she has only done it coz gospel music ina pesa mob’ more of them came from her new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Then she went on to release her song mateke and our loving brotherly tongues started wagging again with comments such as, ‘the song has no content’, ‘where in the bible did Yesu piga Shetani mateke?’ But she is still saved and still singing and lighting fires as she says she is now lighting fires for Christ.

Two stories from the bible spring up when I think of her story one that of the prodigal son. In this case focus being on his brother who could not understand why his dad let his brother back home and 2. The Samaritan woman by the well, who immediately after hearing the good news from Jesus rushed back to her town to tell everyone about Jesus and what he had done for her.

Like the prodigals brother a few Christians create a hostile environment to new converts, either we do not fully appreciate the saving power of his blood or fully understand his grace. I think we should welcome all repentant sinners back home because the same grace that was extended to us has been extended to them.

I was one of the people who didn’t approve the song mateke but now I do not have a problem with the song because she like the Samaritan woman by the well, could not wait or let anything stop her from telling people of what the Lord had done for her. She did not start by going to bible school which is not a bad idea, gone through an evangelism class or till she started attending bible studies, no. she understood the urgency of the matter and wanted to share the joy of salvation as her level of experience permitted her and she did. She did what she could to point people to Christ Some of us have been Christian for a long long time with the ability to sing and dance but have never shared the gospel with one none believer. The Samaritan on hearing the word of God left her jar of water, went into the city and shared all what the Lord had told her. Size eight immediately hit the studio and started throwing kicks for Christ.

Let’s use what we have, to do what we can as soon as we can when we do we will realize we won’t have any time left for judging.

Bible references: John 4, Romans 2:1-5, Luke 15:11-32

Enjoy the song:



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Size 8 and her song Mateke”

  1. I have been mulling over the fast criticism we have for new believers for a while now… Mara ATI sijui she did it to get a husband… Tusamehewe! And may we get to the point of rejoicing with, and caring for them 🙂

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