How do I look?

I started a certain DVD workout program 6 weeks ago that should run for 10 weeks.
I have never encountered anything as physically challenging as this program, it is grueling requiring a lot of  hard work and discipline and I love it.

Though I think that the program is perfect, the person doing the work outs isn’t.

My greatest fear when I started this program was that my desire to be fit might overwrite my desire to be Godly. That questions such as  how do I look will be by number one focus as opposed to what is God saying in my life today.
That has been a struggle everyday i workout the daily fight with vanity and conceit. A fight of having a greater desire to be physically attractive than to that to offer my body as a living sacrifice to God Holy and pleasing. It’s also a fight of priorities in my daily routines as I wonder what it is I would rather give priority to. God or me?

But my prayer remains, Lord may I honour You with my body in all that I do and give me strength to not-self idolize for I am not my own. I am just but a vessel made from dust. I pray that my focus and number one desire will remain in you even as I seek to be fit. For nothing out of you is of any lasting value. Jesus may my source of beauty be rooted in you and only You.


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