What do you want? what do you really want?

What do you want? what do you really want?Image

That is a question I asked myself about a year ago, because it seemed i thought i wanted one thing but my actions reflected the want of something leading to a totally different direction.

These two questions may seem repetitive but with a renewed sense of thinking they now to me represent two totally different outlooks on what I  say/ think I want and the reality of  what i actually want. The first part of the question is what my words declared I wanted and the second part was what my actions displayed I wanted. Its cliche but it is true actions speak louder than words.

For example I would say I wanted to read more books that represents the first what do you want. But then I would never buy new books and that was evidence of what i really wanted. I thought I wanted to read more but never got into it. So what did i really want in this scenario?
In another example i said i wanted to run a certain marathon but never got to register for it. Though my words claimed to want to run a marathon through my actions i proved that i had no intentions to run any kind of marathon. otherwise if i did i would have registered for the marathon in time.

Reflecting on those two examples above its now easy to evaluate:
1. what is it that you think you want
2. what do you actually(really) want?

Do you want to move jobs? then upgrade your CV and apply for jobs. Its not enough to just want something you really have to want it. You actions will reflect what you really want. Do you want to save more, but have now just registered for a credit card?Do you claim that you want to get in better shape and eat junk food everyday of your life? Stop and ask yourself what do I want, WHAT DO I REALLY WANT??



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