A ring in the sand

Picture this a couple married for fifty years go to the beach, after an afternoon of fun the wife realizes that she has lost her wedding ring. She gives her husband the news and they both frantically search for the ring which he gave to his lovely wife at the age of 20. He was 21 himself, just gotten a job and the only ring he could afford was a bronze ring that he managed to have engraved with his and the wife’s initials. After a 2 hour search they come to the realization that they can’t find the ring and head home, but the ring loss leaves them unsettled.

Now picture a young boy 9 years old playing on the same beach with his parents watching from a distance, he and his sister and having so much fun building sand castles. As he is busy piling up the sand, he spots something a ring. Old and rusted with the initials T&L on them, he shows it to his sister and they both excitedly run to show their newly found treasure to their parents. The dad who happens to own a jewelry store looks at the ring and says, ‘ this ring is not worth much”. The wife looks at it closely spots the initials and says, ” It must mean a lot to whoever T& L is.”

The above is a made up story, it has a moral in there somewhere. It’s free to your interpretation:)










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