Another Song of Freedom

As I anxiously wait for this album, the words to the 44 second preview of the song commodity have captured my heart, captivated my mind and reminded me that I am a soul indeed I am a soul inside a body even when the world tells us we have to sell out.


“Won’t you help me sing – these songs of freedom – are all I ever have – redemption songs”

I’ve never been more excited about one of my songs being played on the radio before.  I believe that songs can accomplish remarkable things and that’s why I keep writing and recording after 18 years of making music.

I want to sing songs of freedom in the this war scorched land where the kingdom is under siege – where the shadow holds temporary sway. Commodity is a song that belongs to anyone that’s been oppressed, taken advantage of or diminished. This song is a captive’s dream of liberty, of a modern underground railroad, of a highway home from our exile. The King’s kingdom is a kingdom where the oppressed can find refuge, where the marginalized can find hope, where the child soldier can find safety, where the trafficked daughter in…

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