QuArTeR life CrISiS

My birthday is next week Tuesday, of course that calls for a blog:)

I think there should be a conference organized for the 20’s every so often where we share all our experiences, because being a 20sth is not easy.

So  much happens in our 20’s, we graduate from university, start new jobs, move; jobs, towns out of home, go back to school, date, break up, get married, get children. There are so many transitions and the dynamics involved are many. I feel like I have been a 20sth for 15 years, FOR REAL!! I remember when i turned 20, it was so exciting and shocking that I would no longer be referred to as a teen. I called my friend we talked about it and she decided that we would say I had turned twenty teen to ease the transition (no kidding!). So on that May, a Wednesday I turned twenty teen. At that time I thought 28 was so old. When you are that young you think anyone 2 years older than you is crazy old. Now here I am, I can hear 28 beckoning, to deal with this age I promise to stay the same size so that I can still fit into my super ripped jeans, please pray for a change in heart on wearing those jeans it’s a struggle.

As the years passed by I have grown older, I know you never would have guessed and its had me thinking that we should really start talking about the quarter life crisis because its real people. Here are the characteristics of this stage of life (mostly for women): You realize that you need to go back to school for your masters or something serious like that, most of your age mates start getting married and you start seeing the need to take the dating scene more seriously, you attend weddings only to find other single girls who are dying inside to catch the brides bouquet but are too shy to do it, you go back to reading self-help books, your misery will thoroughly demand for company and it wont necessarily be good company, you start doubting your; career choices, job choices, dating preferences, shoe choices, values,principles, religion, country you live in, the movie eat pray love seems to offer better advice than the bible, drinking becomes more habitual than occasional, a constant loud voice tells you to lose discover your true self. See, it really is a recipe for disaster.

I have experienced one or two of those Quarter Life symptoms, maybe three or four, who is counting? As i turn a year older next week, actually as we all grow older, I pray that we will not lose ourselves somewhere in between 20 & 30. That the decisions we make will be wise and rise beyond our feelings and circumstances. That we will thrive in an environment where it seems ok to only be alive, where the main aim is survival. That we will not lose ourselves as we go on a journey of self discovery, because we can not find ourselves within us. That we will know that the not all questions can be answered in life and not all dreams are worth pursuing we can dream new dreams. That in life there are seasons and each is beautiful at its time. Finally I pray that we will not lose our steps and for those who do, may we always remember that we have a home and in that home is a father waiting, praying and loving us.

Here is a pic of one of my bday cakes last year an amazing friend dropped it off at work as a surprise. I found it on my desk with no card to show  who it was from but from the writing on the cake I definitely knew who it was:)


And here is a link to a song i have found to be timeless over time, Don’t wanna waste my life by Lacrae




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