what would you do if you only had 6 months to live?

Some days I have themes, depending on what pops in my mind first thing in the morning and sticks there. The music i will listen to on that day will even seem to be in line with the days theme, the thoughts I have through out the day as well. Today, the theme is, “tomorrow is not promised”. I am fully aware of that at this moment. That thought kept me alert in the morning, my thoughts wandered and when i journal-ed the topic to today’s entry was,”what if I had 6 months to live”.  I will ask you the same question, “what if you had only 6 months to live and you knew it?”, what would you change or do different and when your time finally runs out what would you wish you got a time extension for?


As I was in the height of these thoughts I received the news that a colleague had passed away. I still can’t believe it, I was shocked- I still am. Just like that, she is gone. I had planned on calling her the day before yesterday just as I was about to leave the office since we do not work in the same work station but I dint get to do it. ” I will do it on Wednesday”, I thought. That is the thing about life about how we go about our days routines, we put off things for tomorrow, because we are so sure it will come. Yesterday came, years have passed so what is so hard about planning for the next 48 hours?, it will surely happen. Except it, it doesn’t always come.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, the only moment that truly is is now, our present. Yet we waste away our present, we hold grudges, put off calls for tomorrow, grumble, hate our present as we wish for a greater future.. ok not always. But you get what I am saying, right?

I will ask again, what would you do if you only had 6 months to live? What would you change? what would you do different? and when your time finally runs out what would you wish you got a time extension for? 

Have you though about it ? Write it down, do not type it out on your phone or computer. No, write it down, there is something beautiful in writing things down with your own handwriting, some commitment to it, A form of permanence, knowing that you can not delete it. A signature of sorts.

Whatever it is you have written down, own it this very moment, then go out and do it. Because you might not have 6 months to live, you might have 50 days, 78 years, 9 years or whatever, but we really should live each moment as if it was our last. Not for fear of death, but as a celebration of the life we have now.


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