Five Minute Friday

Fill :Five minute Friday


I have been blog hopping lately, reading everything i come across from my favorite writers

I must say, there are many great bloggers out there and with time i have fallen i love with their words.

It is interesting how I haven’t met any of my fellow bloggers on FMF but every friday i know most of those whose blog posts will be put up top 20:)

Each day I walk around with beautiful words, stories, testimonies of people i have never met and most probably never will.

But daily, monthly, weekly we meet here on the web and fill each others empty spaces, with words that soothe, comfort, welcome, encourage, bless and entertain. We share our drops of grace and eventually when we are done foraging on the net gathering words, when our tea mugs and cups of coffee have been emptied. We walk away with an immeasurable fill of grace.


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7 thoughts on “Fill :Five minute Friday”

  1. It is so true that as we read one another’s posts & words, we connect. We encourage, we pray and somehow without ever meeting, as we share – our cups are filled and we face the day. Praying for our words to always bring life. I think this is my 1st time here from FMF & I was happy to “meet” you! Blessings to you!

    1. your words are so encouraging and enriching and yes may our words always bring life to those who read.
      I look forward to having you here again:)

    1. Tanya, thanks for visiting:) I am still getting used to the whole idea of virtual friends, but as you said it is fun and it broadens interactions beyond borders.

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