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Five Minute Friday: TELL

Linking up over at Five Minute Friday this week’s prompt word is #TELL. Join us!


“There is something i need to tell you,” you moved closer, looked around to ensure no one else was within hearing distance, ” I can’t do keep this to myself anymore.” Quite frankly I wished you would change your mind. I know, I know the bible says confess your sins one to another, but sometimes i wish we didn’t have to. That way I wouldn’t walk around carrying your secret confessions with me, not because they are too much to bear but because after you were done I wasn’t honest to say, “me too, I have gone through the same crap too” or ” I have been there you will get over it too”. Because some things seem too sacred to share (lies we tell ourselves)

But as a good friend would, I stood there and listened. Clutching my scarf tighter, I still do not know if it was from the cold evening breeze or from the fact that it was me you chose to share your past struggles and current resolutions. I listened to what your ‘this’ was and understood it 100 %. After standing out in the cold, by the side of the road which was our chosen confession booth, I walked home amazed by your fearlessness, by your courage to overcome and to be set free, by your ability to tell that which would have been easier to leave unsaid.


What better song to go with this than Tenth Avenue North’s song Oh my dear.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: TELL”

  1. I love this description and the honesty of THAT moment!! I have been there too- when someone told me and I didn’t connect with an honest “me too”! I just sighed a breath of freedom and am shooting out a “me too!”
    (Visiting over from FMF!) Thank you for sharing!

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