Looking up

I do not want to over think the beginning of this post, because if i do I will end up writing a 10 sentence entry for over an hour. Life has been busy lately, busy to the point of counting hours I can and can not sleep. Yet i still find time for social media hehe. Priorities have not yet been set straight in that area, yet it is such a time stealer. Every day I spend so much more time looking down than looking up, at my phone for or whatever constantly refreshing the pages on my phone screen, scrolling up and down but hardly ever looking up. And I wondered if we are all looking down, who is out there living? Who is living??? Who is looking up? Who still has a straight neck and a wide smile that hasn’t been replaces with emojis or a real hearty laughter that cant be described well enough by the letters LOL?


Sometime last week, my phone battery charge died in the morning and I could not access a charger. I looked forward to the day with dread, i was horrified. When I rode the bus that evening I looked around and everyone was looking down I enviously wished I was too. Looking up is too engaging, it might force to get in to a conversation with strangers, get to really laugh and have  time to reflect on our own thought!! (gasp) By the end of the day when my phone finally got charged, I switched it on and realized  I hadn’t missed much.


When was the last time you sat at a restaurant alone waiting for someone and dint reach out for your phone or any devise to keep yourself busy?

I wonder if we are naturally predisposed to being/pretending to be busy. sometimes we dis-engage so much from ourselves we can not stand being alone, so we log onto our social networks and hope we find people like us who make us laugh and keep us entrained because being alone even in thought is lonely.

But some day hopefully our phone batteries will die in the morning and we will be forced to look up, then within, then up again. We will in silence hear the loud shouts of “our-selves” crying out for attention from “us” and maybe just maybe we will meet ourselves for the first time in a long long time. And we will have a good conversation with ourselves.

Maybe, just maybe, we will enjoy our own company so much we wont mind being alone every once in a while.


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