conversations with God

Conversations with God, Day 3: Beauty for ashes

Dear God,

I am wretched man, who clings to you. Like the woman who had bled for 12 years in my helpless of situation I will reach out for your robe in the hope that you can take away my struggles. You healed her, without saying a word, she uttered none either. But in faith she reached out to your, overcame the crowds and she took a chance my touching your robe.

Like the woman by the well I am asking you to give me the water of eternal life, that I may have no need to go back to the well. You know my wells; I hear everyone has their preferred wells too. Lord I want to drink from you, waters of eternal life.

I will master my shortcomings like Zachaeus, by climbing a tree so that I can get a glimpse of you. To you who is gracious, extend your hand of grace to me that we may dine together tonight. Not looking at what I have done or did not do but what can now do that is of you. I desire the kind of repentance that led Zachaeus to declare that he would repay all those whom he had stolen from.

My weaknesses are made perfect in you, take these ashes and give me beauty.


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