conversations with God

Conversations with God, Day 4: I am no Superwoman

Dear God,

When I started, I thought I was going to save the world. I had an S on my heart ready to reap off my shirt to expose it off on here on my blog. I had set out to save the lost and write out soothing words for the broken. That was the plan; that was my main agenda. You have made it clear time and time again that it was me who needed saving, I am the lost, I am the broken, I am an instrument, I am the part of the body and I AM NOT A SAVIOUR- YOU ARE.

YOU already did the saving, the saving of the world- 2000 years ago. It was never a mission commissioned by you to me to give superman a run for his money. Saving the world is no job for a human, because how could I save something I do not own? How can I save others when I needed saving.

Broken beautiful

I have been reminded of grace; I could stop there because GRACE is one word that can describe this journey. The likes, subscriptions and follows are heart-warming but GRACE has been outstanding always constant….. ALWAYS CONSTANT, ALWAYS RENEWED- Grace.

The weight of the world has been offloaded and now I write freely, enjoying these recent conversations we have been having. Not as a wanna be super woman on internship with superman, but as a daughter  with her loving Father sharing words with you, unashamed because at the end of it all  it earnestly is all about you. The Holy Spirit convicts, not beautifully written words or well-arranged syllables with occasional (ok many) typos. I AM YOURS. This blog is yours, the world- you created it. Only you can save it. If a few people get to know you through this blog- that would be a blessing.


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