conversations with God

Conversations with God, Day 8: Anchor me to You

Dear God,

Anchor me to your love,So that I will not be moved,

That I should not be shaken or jade or blown away off course by the winds,

oh the winds! How i drift! Losing my path so easily.

Anchor me in your promises, So that when challenges come,

I will remember them and not be shaken,that my faith will remain in you,

not in the things that come and go, or people, or money or such like things.

Anchor me in your word that I may stand firm in faith,

Even when winds of doubt blow about me,

And when hurricanes of things that I once believed blows away my paper dreams.

Anchor me in faith.

I see, that this life is a journey, so the winds and tides will come.

Seasons of calm will pass, but even then I will need you.

because its easy to slowly drift away in seasons of calm.


In good and bad times,

In times of great faith and moments of doubt.

Anchor me to you, hold me close.


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