Thank you for journeying with me – 2 years of blogging

I am very excited because 2 years ago yesterday i started this blog, my first blog post is still dear to me it was titled He already found you. Oh how fast time has flown. I had no idea then I would still be writing today. The journey (for it has been a journey) has been amazing. From months on end of not posting new entries to months like this where I have had more than 5 posts.

It has been an amazing journey, as I mentioned here, when I started this blog i thought i would be a saviour of sorts, that is yet to happen, but I have been saved with words that I knew not were held within me. God has been gracious.

The blog would be of no use if no one read it.

So, thank you dear reader for walking this journey with me 🙂 For those who follow my blogs thank you so much. You have been the most patient and kind. You allow my words to invade your email space every once in a while; in times when the words I write make sense to you and also on the other days ( rare occasions I hope) when they do not. You have received my half written posts, sometimes because I clicked on the post button before i was done  with my post (oops) or when the typos were clear evidence I had not done any editing. You have been the most gracious. I know that everytime I click send there are people living, breathing, reading, loving, caring, hurting, bruising, laughing, crying, busy, bored, who will enjoy the words I type out. again… thank you, I write with you in mind. And to my brother who reads every post I write because he is also subscribed Thank you. Your support has always been a fort for me, i know that if everyone unsubscribed ( kindly do not take this as a Que to do so) from NPD you would never join in the trend. You would still be here, ALWAYS.

To the community of readers from my Facebook, all the bloggers who have stopped by even for a peek, for those who lingered a little longer and dropped a few lines of encouragement thank you. To those who liked what they saw and clicked the like button, oh the joys of blog posts liked:) Thank you. For those who have shared or re-posted this blog merci beacoup.
If you have been encouraged by words on here, praise God.

I plan to keep blogging, I know not how to stop; not permanently anyways. I hope to be more consistent no more entry-less months.

That being said, I enjoy sharing my life with you.

As I conclude i will paraphrase this Bible verse from 1 Thes 2:8 which expresses my thoughts concerning you;
” I loved you so much that I was delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but my life as well because you have become dear to me”

Yes, I just confessed my love to people I have never met.:) Keep smiling.

Enjoy Its a fine fine life by For king and Country 🙂


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