Single and 20sth

5 most annoying questions i get asked as a single

Chronicles of a single woman in her 20’s

Below are the top 5 most annoying questions I get asked as a single.

Below them are the First Instinctive answers (FIA) which i wish i could give but is not polite and the Actual Answer AA, that I learnt was the best way to respond after taking a short anger management class (j.k)
1. I only came up with 4 questions but 4 annoying questions is not as catchy as 5, so we will start at 2, in the mean time lol

2. When will you get married?
FIA: If i knew i would have sent you an invitation card already.
AA: I do not know. Or when the Lord provides.

3. What are you waiting for?
FIA: A prince in shining armour, seriously where is he?
AA: The right timing.

4: Why are you being choosy?
FIA: I am being choosy? Am I really? You don’t even know me!!!!! (hehe super defensive mode)
AA: I am not being choosy just cautious.

5. Why are you single?
This is the mother of all! It usually starts with a complement like , “msichana mrembo kama wewe mbona hujaolewa?”(why is a beautiful girl like you not married)
FIA: First I acknowledge that they have acknowledged I am beautiful. This question always gets me off guard and leaves me pondering, ” Why am I single?”. Now I am on it again, ” why am I single?” ……….How do you answer that question?
AA: Smile and wave.

Your turn, If you are single share the most annoying questions you get asked 🙂


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