Fear is just a LIE

Don’t hang on to fear. We have grown comfortable with it built a prison from it, locked ourselves in it and surrendered the key to it. We cling on to fear because it gives us an excuse to shelve our dreams with believable excuses. It tells us, “do not step outside, its too dark and who knows what is sheltered in the dark”.  Not knowing that you’ve allowed fear to lock you into a windowless room with no crack to peep outside.  If you gathered enough courage to open the door whose key you have voluntarily handed over to fear you will realize that the sun shines outside. And that if you open the door and found darkness as fear promised you would, there are things called torches and candles that you can use to light up your path until daylight comes.

feed the birds topins a bag :) -Mary Poppins

Stepping out means dying to self, dying to misconceptions you collected along the way like; you are not good enough, you can’t do it  , there is something wrong with you. Seeds that were planted along the way whether knowingly or unknowingly. Lies that you allowed to germinated like weeds chocking the life out of you. You have to die to self , I have to die to self, we have to die to self. That involves letting go of a victim mentality. It’s a gutter that traps potential, it hoards dreams, it chokes hopes and in it bitterness breeds – no one needs that. Let it go!! Burn it up. If its a lie and you know it why do you keep holding on to it?

We’ve been brought up in a world that encourages fear, all kinds of fear. Because we’ve  previously experienced situations that encourage fear, we live life’s that expect fear.  Past terrorists attacks have taught us to be afraid of flying, getting into malls, past disappointments have taught us to be fearful of being hopeful, broken relationships have taught us lack of trust. We’ve become victims, victims of circumstances. But what if we lived like people who have never known fear as sung by Relient K on the song let it go ” and today I will trust with the confidence of a man whose never known defeat and tomorrow upon finding out what I did I’ll stare at you in disbelief”
Believing that fear is just a lie as sung by tenth avenue north on the song  strong enough. Yes, “Fear is just a lie!”.

Step outside, ask fear to hand you back keys to the prison you have let it lock you into, open the door, burn that house down, die to that victim mentality, let go of the lies, grab your torch if its dark, and start walking.

This is just the beginning, because lies are like bed bugs so  though you’ve  burned down the house some might’ve found a home on your clothes and as you walk up on your journey of life ( whatever it is to you) those lies will keep biting you whispering familiar lies. You have to fight them constantly, whatever you do don’t look back.

Fear is just a lie, today lets trust Him ( Jesus) with the confidence of men who have never known defeat, then lets do the same tomorrow and the day after, and after that.


4 thoughts on “Fear is just a LIE”

  1. The reason I don’t fight fear is because I enjoy living in that ‘prison’… it relieves me of responsibility… gives me a comfort zone… and a perfect reason to blame everyone and everything for my problems… all the time knowing I don’t have to do anything about them… Now give me a good reason to get out of that comfort zone and I’ll think about facing fear

    1. If you want to live to your full potential, then you will have to face your fears. But if your comfort zone is your end zone there is no need to face your fears.
      You need more than a good reason from me to get out of your comfort zone, the kind of fire that is needed for this comes from a need/desire to live beyond your present circumstances

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