Life is funny

Life is funny, funny haha sometimes but mostly funny interesting. It is funny in the way things work out, in the people we meet along the way and how randomly we meet them. In how one thing you do leads to another, then another then to the present. How decisions we make affect us years from the day we make them, how one turn on a street can lead to something unexpected and unplanned. I am not talking about the wrong turns, I am referring to right turns that don’t seem promising when you ignore the left. Those turns that lead to a happy place, putting a smile on your face and leave you to wondering how did I get here?

Because here is not where you thought you would be when she asked you for lip balm and she asked for some lip balm and that moment signified the start of a fruitful friendship. Here is not where you thought you would be when you got on that bus and sat next to him and started a conversation about weather because it’s always the easiest go to topic. Those subtle life changing moments sometimes can’t be traced but they are there. They can’t be missed when you look up and look back.They’re not always extra ordinary, but they can be uncomfortable. Because they require some stepping out of the usual routine, like taking a different route to work, talking to  a stranger or signing up for a marathon.

These moments are hardly experienced when you remain in your comfort zone.

They can’t be experienced if you fail to say hi to the person seated next to you on that bus or plane, join a new church, or go to that party that required you to buy that new dress which seemed like more of a hustle than an opportunity at that time. They are experienced when you do something different like finally getting out of the house to go for that run, then you trip and fall and when you look up and meet your future life long best friend (maybe I have gone all movie script there but you get it don’t you?).

Gasp for air.

There are so many things waiting for us out there, so many people to meet, places to see, foods to taste, music to listen to, if we make subtle changes in our day-to-day lives. When we step out of our comfort zones we get to realize that life is funny, in a sheepish smile to self kind of way.


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