if you have called yourself a quitter

hey you, quitter, do not get offended by the name. Today I want us to do something, let us change our names from quitter to starter. You see, you can’t quit on anything you never started on. Every quitter was once a brave heart, that is another name option, because starting anything requires courage. So call yourself Courageous; the name options available are plenty.

We let the voices of doubt tell us things like, ” You are a quitter!”. These voices, point out to all the things we’ve quit on and  intentionally leaves out that we had enough courage to start  out these things in the first place and even greater courage to let go. Letting go is not easy, people run in circles chasing tails all their lives afraid of letting go; afraid of being labelled quitters.

Regret is a monster, lack of appreciation is its closest friend. So I want to change my perspective on quitting, you can join in if you want. i will appreciate the fact that I had enough courage to start and I will not regret that I quit on things that needed letting go off. When i quit unnecessarily, I will have the courage to start again because my new name is courageous bearing a brave heart. Let us not let past failures stop us from starting again.


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