If we were honest, we would all be authors

Happy new year !!!

No? too late? ok Happy end to the first month of a slightly old 2015:)

Time has gone by so fast, this month especially I haven’t gotten completely used to adding the 5 at the end when writing out dates I am still stuck on 4. It is not amusing at all if its on signed documents. Today being the last day of January I felt like I needed to beat a self imposed deadline by posting something before the month ends. So here I am.

Writing lately has been hard,because I can’t write when I don’t think I am being honest. And lately, I have found it easier to lock in thoughts by not writing them down because putting words down confirms that what is on my mind, actually truly is on my mind. It  sounds a bit confusing, but let me try to explain; I believe that writing gives evidence of our thoughts and emotions, it lets us in on what we are going through. It helps us put into perspective feelings and experiences, it puts it down in black and white ( or whatever ink and pen colour we prefer). So once we write, we stare genuinely at pieces of ourselves spread out on the screen or notebook, laid bare. So, that’s why I have found it easier to refrain from writing.

I admire people who write genuinely, most blogs i read daily and others that I look forward to reading are so raw. I hope to share with you my top 5 bloggers with you soon. In the mean time I will try work my way to your top and to my top 5 list. I read this quote sometime back and it has stuck,

“when you write your first draft write it as if everyone you know is dead”

I can’t remember where I read it, but it is such good advice which I have refused to take. If I was to write as if everyone I knew was dead (gasp), that would be something.

I have arrived at the conclusion that: If we were all honest with ourselves- things that keeps us awake at night, dreams that drive us through out the day, nightmares, hopes that wake us up  in the morning, love we never want to let go, broken hearts and bruised spirits, fears that stalk our paths and doubts that leave us questioning everything we believe in, moments of great pleasure and joy, days of pure bliss and relentless delight- then we would all be authors. We would all be published authors but we are not…


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