I can’t be nobody else

I cant be nobody else. First things first that statement is not grammatically correct, it has a double negative. For the sake of emphasize I will still use I cant be nobody else and you my dear cant be nobody else. You can try, but I promise you failure actually I wish you failure in trying to be someone else. You are too unique for imitation, too precious to waste your authenticity on being fake.The world needs the real you, you were not mass produced, so why give in to mass living?

I don’t wanna be nobody else, but most times I am bombarded with the idea of being like someone else. Hair like hers, clothes like her’s, husband like hers, job like hers, personality like hers. So I have to constantly be reminded that if I chase after hers I will miss out on whats mine.

The world needs us as we are, granted we need to continuously grow, but we need to remain ourselves while at it.ย  In the same way we expect mango trees to produce mangoes and not bananas, we also need to recognize that we each have a purpose that is so uniquely us that if we tried to be anything else we would miss out on it. If we expected a mango tree to produce bananas we would be disappointed because well, its a mango tree and it is supposed to produce mangoes. So why do we expect to produce results and live fulfilling lives as we chase after other people.

You can’t be nobody else, even if you tried ๐Ÿ™‚ and that’s ok. Be you.


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