Five Minute Friday

Five minute Friday: Break

After three busy months with school and a busy work schedule, i finally get to have a break. A break off the routine, the early mornings, the late nights, the constant unavailability and the busyness.

It means that I can now focus on things I had earlier taken a break from to free up my time, like blogging:)

I have prayed about this cycle, this cycle of imbalance, I wish that I could do it all at the same time. Balance out work, school, family, friends, writing, exercise and whatever hobby i pick up along the way all in day with a smile on my face.

But then if everything was in perfect balance, there would be no such thing as enjoying a break.

Its good to be back.

Today i am teaming up with a wonderful community of writers on  Five Minute Friday this week as we write about BREAK.

FMF - Break 2


6 thoughts on “Five minute Friday: Break”

  1. I have thought about that exact thing – how I wish I could somehow cram all the things I desire to do and take care of my husband and children all in one day and on every day. It’s just not possible. So, God has been teaching me about seasons in life and waiting for the timing of everything to fall in place. There is a time for every season, and I just have to wait for some things to come in season.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words.
    *an FMF neighbor stopping by from

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