conversations with God

You are- I AM

Dear God,
Give us faith to believe that you are God,
That you alone are LORD- always,
Regardless of what we are going through,
in spite of the circumstances we are currently in,
You are God.
You are! You are! You are!
You were there from the beginning,
Indeed you are alpha and omega
You have no beginning and no end,
You say, ” I AM”
Yes Lord, you are
We do not have to fully understand,
No one can fathom your your depth,
Your height, nor your width
You are immeasurable- I AM

Through joy and pain-you are
In sickness, In sickness oh In sickness – YOU ARE
In health- you still equally are.
In the moments of hard, of suffering and loss-you are.
In moments of darkness and depression, you are.
In moments of uncertainty and doubt- you are.
Oh God, help our unbelief.

Even in these seemingly hard times- you are!
You see it all, you know it all.
Nothing escapes you,
you are here with us,
You are-I AM

You are not shaken,
You are not moved,
You do not change,
Our situations and circumstances do,
Not you,
You are constant-I AM

God uphold us, strengthen our faith,
May we not wander in uncertainty,
Or doubt, which are always forthcoming,
Even when the world around us crumbles, when we lose the ones we love, or things we have believed mean everything to us,
when all else seems to have no meaning when doubts are our constant companion and the sickness refuses to go away,
when our fellow Christians are persecuted and evil seems to reign, when things are not going as we planned and we are tempted to abandon our faith in you.
Constantly remind us that you are because you are- I AM

And you say to us
” Fear not for I am with You,
Do not be discouraged for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.
So we will be strong and courageous,
We will not be terrified, we will not be discouraged,
For you are The LORD our God, You will be with us wherever we go.

You God: was, Is and always will be- I AM


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