21 till I die, Maybe Not.

Sometime last year my friend and I were walking across town, having normal conversations women should have 90% guys 10% randomness. The conversation was going well I guess but the 90% guys was lacking as none of us was really dating or considering any potentials at that moment.That being the case my very intelligent friend decided to skew the conversation ratio to increase the random conversation bit. I wish she didn’t because it almost ended my life. Please note I exaggerate sometimes, I blame it entirely on the Nigerian movies I watched as a high school student in need of entertainment. Back to the story, this friend of mine with an IQ of, ‘we can’t only talk about guys Nina’, decided it was wise to bring up my oncoming birthday. Which is okay if she was going to ask about plans I had made etc etc, but no. That is not what she was up to.
“Nina”, she called out ” Do you know you will be like 2#, in like a month?!”  She smiled as if she had said the most amazing thing.

As I had mentioned earlier we were walking across town and at this particular point in time we were crossing a very busy street.
I stood still, right there in the middle of the road, my head spinning trying to let what she had just said sink in (slightly exaggerated, again blame my high school and those naija movies)
All  I could say in response to her gleeful statement was, “No way! You are lying to me”. I was convinced by now she was talking to another Nina. Because the Nina she was talking to was ageless, she was 21 with a few years experience. It took a few minutes of convincing and counting to realize that she was talking to me and by then I had crossed the road successfully.
You know when I was 21 I thought I would be 21 forever and even though we all know a year has 364 days this particular year seemed to have lasted 634 days. And 22 seemed so far far away. I cant really remember 22. After 21 I feel like each year  seems to now have 200 days, they go so fast!! No sooner have I gotten used to my new age than my next birthday arrives and I have to get used to a new age.

This year, I do it again people , next week actually. And I am seated here typing this out, counting years, talking to myself as I sigh, “No way”.
I do not mind growing older its just that I never get used to counting years, is that OK? Deep down I will always be 21.

Do you feel your age? Let me know in the comments.

One last thing, this post was written before i read this:



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