Let me fix you

I’ma try fix you and hopefully somehow i will fix myself too. Maybe I will find a savior on my way to Damascus, but the Christians you know, they never come this way. And when they do they are not looking for an encounter with someone like me, they really are headed to Damascus, fox in sheep’s clothing. That’s a better choice compared to a sheep in fox clothing, no one would ever chooses the fox except on a browser.

Lets go round in circles, there’s nothing wrong with confusion. If the confused can stand up straight never mind on the other side of truth. After all what matters most is who approves, the more the number the better, lets just stay politically correct. Even though there’s no room in the chronicles for  those who are not extra-ordinary.


So lets seat here and wonder as we act like we are okay, maybe one day pardon will find us and hopefully then, we wont be plugged in. Hopefully, we wont be busy tapping away on our touch screen devices, listening to words of other people’s meditations. Zoned out to our own thoughts and lacking sensitivity to warmth, the kind that makes a body shiver as it evicts chills.

Never knocking, never seeking, never finding anything that lasts longer than the next big thing. Never knowing, never wanting, never yearning blinded by the worldly. Never understanding, never caring other than for whats currently trending. The waves carrying us in any direction the current wishes, thirsty in the midst salty water, thirsty in the midst of plenty, convinced we have it all.

The embracing of empty cisterns, holes so small to be seen, but that doesn’t make them any less of holes. Perforated hearts that leak love, re-branding all that is false as gospel truth. We can fix each other or at least try to before we crash, we are headed toward the edge at full speed. We gained momentum when we changed direction thinking we were going uphill yet we were walking in reverse.

There’s hope, there always will be, it’s still not the end of time.

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