Jesus knows us by name


I’ve been reading through the book of John for about 2 months now and I’m blown away by Jesus. His way of going about ministry was and still is astounding. The one thing that I have been noticing mainly is how he calls people by name. When he met Simon Peter for the first time he addressed him by his name. When he raised Lazarus back to life, he called out for him by name. He calls Martha by name too and in Luke he calls Zacchaeus by name as well.


Names are specific to their owners, that’s what sets one person apart from another in a crowd. There’s a difference in when you address a person generally or by calling out their name. Jesus acknowledges that we are different, he does not view us as a bunch of people on earth but as beloved children. He knows each and everyone of us by name and when he calls us, he does so by name. It’s assuring to know that the God I serve cares to know me as an individual that he calls me to attention by name.


#Day 1

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