A strangers embrace

It was a long drive, a journey that should have taken two hours took three and a half instead. The traffic flow was slow, the sun was blazing hot and the open car windows weren’t helping much in letting any cool air in. There was nothing particularly interesting to look at outside, other than one or two people going about their business. 

She sat next to me we did not say a word to each time other the whole way except for the pleasantries exchanged at the onset of our journey. I didn’t bother to start up a conversation, I wanted some downtime.  This changed when we got to our destination and got off the bus. We were headed in the same direct

ion, I can’t remember who started the conversation but we begun talking. She told me she was a student I told her I wasn’t. We discussed the traffic and the longevity of our journey, housing, hospitals, work. I think we are both fast talkers because all that was covered in ten minutes.

When we  got to the junction at which we had to part ways, I lifted my hand to wave goodbye but to my surprise she stretched both her hands and hugged me instead. We then each went our separate ways. That memory is now one of my highlights for the year: an embrace by a stranger.

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