Guess who’s back? Tell a friend!


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I have not written in over two years! Two years people! That is way too long. Many things have happened since then, and many others have changed the one thing that hasn’t is my love for exclamations marks!

You know that song slow fade? Yes/no? There is a line in there that says, ‘it’s a slow fade when you give yourself away.’  I can confirm that that is very true. In as much as I have been telling myself that I just stopped writing and it wasn’t a slow fade for me, it truly was a slow fade. It started slow; I stopped believing in half of the things I would write about, I had doubts concerning faith, I questioned whether my writing mattered and so most days I wouldn’t be bothered to sit down and write, I got lazy and comfortable at being lazy, because you all know consistency is hard work. All this built up to me not writing at all, on this blog (as I still write offline) for a whole 2.5 years, the hell?  I slowly drifted from writing.

But now I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been wondering if this name still kicks, nina’s purple diary mmmh. What do you all think? By the way are you still there? Do people still read blogs or has instagram and snapchat taken over the web space?

I have made promise to myself that I won’t write if I am not ready to be authentic and honest, because what would be the need. So I will bare my soul online hahaha and see where that goes, hopefully it means one or two people or thousands will connect, get encouraged, laugh, find truth from the stuff I will write.

Catch you soon!



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