Hi there!!

Thanks for stopping by:) I hope that you enjoy reading my blog  as much as I enjoy writing it. Expect lots of exclamation marks, direct translation from kiswahili, hyperbole, rhetoric questions and attempts at being humorous. As I have blogged my expectations for the blog have changed from reaching people to getting many hits and having a popular blog and back to doing what God asked me to do. That is to write for His glory: to be honest by sharing stories, to love with my words and to write for the audience of one.

My hope is to point everyone I encounter to Jesus.

4 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi, visiting from Moreatforty. the poems and articles you write are sensitive and insightful. I enjoyed reading this honest ‘about’ page where you have gone from sharing your truth to reaching for hits to sharing again. Made me smile, I think I am in the second phase right now. Hope to get to the third one soon.

    And what you hope to do with this blog is a worthy cause. While I am not a Christian, I do believe there is a need for believers (of all Gods) to remind the world that there is more to us as beings than just living it out in this materialistic world. Glad to have found you.

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